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CHIMINVENT Association is a nonprofit association created on 2nd February 2004 for the promotion of inventions in the field of chemistry, especially inventions related to health, food and pollution control. Also ecological industrial processes will be promoted.

In order to achieve its purpose, CHIMINVENT will take action as follows:

searches for sponsors among authorities, enterprises, organizations

organizes symposia, public debates, sessions about chemistry inventions

edits publications and brochures

Association CHIMINVENT is now raising funds (account number SV 8857203000 opened to BRD Ploiesti) for completing the research theme "Treatment of psoriasis with long life free radicals" - great value research theme with application also in "stopping oxidative stress".

PSOROL is intended to be one of the products based on this research.

People and enterprises can be CHIMINVENT members if they understand and subscribe to its status and wish to act for the achievement of its goals.

One can become member of CHIMINVENT by filling an application form and submitting it to the Association.

Further information may be obtained from ITEC Brazi (tel. 0244 513.020).


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