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- a new treatment for viral hepatites-

A new invention of the Institute of Chemical Technology ITEC Brazi was awarded the silver medal of the 8rd International Salon of Industrial Property ARCHIMEDES, Moscow (15 18th March 2005) and also of the 33rd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products Geneva (6 10th April 2005).

The inventions refers to a new product named HEPATOSTOP which is used in the treatment of viral hepatites A, B, C. This product reduces significantly the transaminases down to their normal values even during the first month of treatment.

The reduction of alanine transaminase (ALT) after two month of treatment is presented in the following table:

ALT (before treatment)
ALT (after two month treatment)
140 units/l
45 units/l
109 units/l
53 units/l

HEPATOSTOP stimulates the production of Interferon in the organism, it can be used also in the treatment of inflammatory processes; it has also an antioxidant power 150 times bigger than vitamin E. The Interferon treatment of viral hepatites and HIV involves many serious side effects (loss of hair, skin diseases, profound depression etc.). Using HEPATOSTOP not only saves the patients from these side effects but its much cheaper.

HEPATOSTOP can be administrated orally, by suppository or by injections.

The next step for our Institute is to produce HEPATOSTOP on a larger scale, and for this we are looking for sponsors.

Dr. Eng. Diana Andrei and Dr. Eng. Constantin Andrei

Institute of Chemical Technology ITEC Brazi
CP 5, OP 1, Ploiesti, ROMANIA
Tel/Fax: 0040 244. 513.020, email:


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