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The Research Department of Brazi Petrochemical Plant was founded in 1966. Beginning with 1-st of January 1993, this Research Department was organized as the Chemical Technology Institute ITEC Brazi, according to Romanian Government Decision no. 654/october 14 1992.

The Chemical Technology Institute ITEC Brazi has three departments:

1. Polymers and Intermediaries Department
2. Petrochemical Processes Department
3. Pilot Plant and Production Department

The first two departments are research departments. Highly qualified personnel carry on an intense research activity, which resulted in a great number of studies, technologies, published papers, papers submitted to national and international symposia and congresses, inventions registered in the Romanian Patent Office.

Two prizes of the Romanian Academy were awarded to researchers of the Chemical Technology Institute ITEC Brazi for special practical work ("Gheorghe Spacu" prize in 1975 and 1980).

Patents have been awarded numerous prizes in intern and international exhibitions and fairs (over 60 medals only in the past decade).

The Chemical Technology Institute ITEC Brazi is opened to cooperation with any partner which is interested in research in the following fields: polymer processing, compounding and stabilization, obtaining polymer composites, petrochemistry and fine organic synthesis, active products extraction out of romanian plants.

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