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The highly qualified researchers in this department carry out research work concerning the following issues:
New additives for oil processing, such as: antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, detergents, cold flow improves;

Additives for octane and combustion improvement and corrosion reduction for ecological fuels;

Reusing some by-products from oil processing, such as naphtenic lye;

Obtaining new types of solvents;

Improving technologies for obtaining phenol and acetone, etoxilated products, fumaric acid and others.

Some research work in this department is based on contracts with the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, but most of it is based on contracts with refineries such as: Petrobrazi, Darmanesti Refinery, "Steaua Romana Campina" Refinery.

Most of the technologies elaborated in this department have been applied in the Production Plant of Chemical Technology Institute ITEC Brazi.

The Petrochemical Processes Department has a chemical analyses laboratory, a chromatography laboratory and a spectral analyses laboratory.

These laboratories perform analyses for the research laboratory and also for different customers.

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