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The Chemical Technology Institute ITEC Brazi has a Production Department which produces for the market the following products:
Solvents, aromatic and paraffin grades, for paints, dyes, adhesives and pesticides;

Elastomeric composition containing stabilizers and antifungic addithives for hydroinsulations, constructions and road reparations (POLISOL);

Hydraulic liquids (brake fluid), certified with RAR - Romanian Automotive Authority;

Anti-icing fluids for automotive and aircraft use (DEGIROM);

Lubricating-cooling fluids for metal working (ASCOL);

Ionic solution for cleaning colored polymer processing devices (IONOTEC);

Fumaric acid;

Additives for octane improvement for gasoline and motor corrosion reduction;

Polyethylene heat-shrinkable film;

Polyethylene light bags and heavy-duty bags.

Technologies elaborated by the Chemical Technology Institute ITEC Brazi, which can be marketed.

A wide range of technologies was elaborated and improved in our laboratories. These technologies were tested in the Pilot Plant and Production Department. They can be marketed to the companies that are interested in applying them.

These technologies are:

Technology for solvents for paints and varnishes;

Technology for thioglycolic acid - intermediate for cosmetics industry;

Technology for aspartic acid - intermediate for drug industry;

Technology for pharmaceutical ferrous fumarate;

Technology for new type of adhesives;

Technology for obtaining corrosion inhibitors for refinery and petrochemistry installations;

Technology for obtaining a quencher-type photostabilizer for polyolefines;

Technology for obtaining triacetonamine (TAA) - intermediate for high performance photostabilizers;

Technology for automotive anti-icing agent;

Technology for hydraulic liquids (brake fluid).

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