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Dr. C. Andrei - General Director of the Institute of Chemical Technology ITEC Brazi - discovered a new composition and a new procedure which can treat psoriasis and hepatitis C simultaneously.
The product is being registered as “PSOROHEPATOSTOP” and contains a strong antiviral agent with a selective action triggered only on the ill cells.

The composition was tested on two volunteer patients with psoriasis vulgaris for over 40 years all over their body, and hepatitis C for 3 years, with esophageal varices, thrombocytopenia and hypertension.

After 1.5 month treatment, psoriasis practically disappeared and the transaminase (Alanine aminotransferase- ALT) decreased from 140 to 50.

During the treatment, the patients maintained their whole work capacity.

The PSOROHEPATOSTOP treatment costs approx. 2000 Є/year - far less than the Interferon which costs 40,000 Є /year, or than a liver transplant which costs near 300,000 Є.

Furthermore, the Interferon treatment causes severe side effects such as: psoriasis and other skin diseases, and the success rate is less than 30%.

The researcher found that PSOROHEPATOSTOP has other beneficial effects, in diabetes treatment (by reducing the blood glucose level), in the central nervous system treatment and in slowing down ageing.

The institute needs at least 150-200,000 Є (from which 100.000 for the laboratory equipment) for the completion of the research work and testing the product on approx. 100 patients in specialized clinics.

We are waiting for sponsors or partners with high financial power for the “CHIMINVENT” Association.

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